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Perfectly Ordinary….So to Speak

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Aug• 13•13

Hello there! Did you wonder where I went? Well I did too! After a very extended, very thought provoking, certain to never occur again hiatus, I am back with some insightful discoveries about yours truly. First of all, why did I take a break? I’ve thought about this a bit and realized that I have been quite overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with practically everything (that is trying to  do everything!). Let me explain. I’m a natural learner. As a matter of fact, I have to admit that I have a natural tendency to be hungry for knowledge: learning how to, why such and such works, and how I can learn to do it! Having a brain of this sort sets one up for eventual brain overload and inevitably this appears to have happened :shock: . Anyway, what I mean to say is that I have been learning so much lately and trying to do all of it that I exhausted myself trying to be “perfect”. The perfect who? The perfect housewife, helpmeet, holistic medicine apprentice, novice gardener, home cook and anything else you can think of…all while working full time for an outside company the of course competes for my time! Whoa! Brain shut down.

Yes, I now know how to make an herbal tincture (easy-peasy) and yes, I have Chamomile and Echinacea growing in pots on my porch (though the summer heat has stunted their growth I think), and I am definitely perfecting my tailor made Ovo-Vegan diet (yes, I coined the phrase just recently!! I just can’t give up my eggs!), but what I haven’t been doing is a) buckling down with my personal Devotion time b) writing in my journal (and my blog!), and waking up early enough to beat the sunrise so that I can walk outside during the wee hours and get a front row seat. I’ve had not a speck of down time. Consequently, I’ve been frazzled. I’ve been under the impression that an absolutely grade A+ wife needs to not only regularly stand on a beach ball with a plate on one hand and basket of laundry on her head, but that she needs to be perfect at it!  Hey, I thought that’s what our diligent lady friend in Proverbs 31 does, right? Somehow I think I’ve misinterpreted her! I forget she lived during a strikingly different time period void of modern day distractions and the things that now require our attention. Her life was probably slower and she probably had more time to spin her fabric and invest in real estate (she seriously did, read it!)  Well, if a wife does need to pull that balancing act to be excellent, then in that case, my much needed hiatus has helped me to realize that I’m certainly alright with not being perfect, but perfectly ordinary! I feel like I can live with that. Yeah, it’ll suit me just fine. As a matter of fact the simple label is quite endearing to me. I’ll remember that I’m ok with it the next time I just want to hunker down on the couch doing nothing but reading a mindless novel while sipping a cup of tea, instead of learning a new skill. As a matter of fact, it’s downright okay  for me to not have a fully functioning organic gmo-free  garden just yet…but maybe soon! :tounge:

With all of that rambling being said, glad to be back ya’ll!


:heart: In His Name,


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