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The Rose Trilogy

Book 1-The Thorn, Book 2-The Judgement, Book 3-The Mercy By: Beverly Lewis 994 Pages Total Completed: 5/12/13  s I’m going to try to be unbiased. Honest I am! But let me tell you…it’s going to be terribly difficult since Beverly Lewis just might probably be my favorite author. That is why, for good measure, I am going to mix [...]

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When Hope Blossoms

By: Kim Vogel Sawyer 352 Pages Completed: 4/15/13 Such a tender romance that blessed my heart! When I first began to read this touching gem of a novel, let’s put this out there – I was NOT impressed. In fact, I almost closed down shop after only one chapter. That’s not fair! You didn’t give [...]

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Short-Straw Bride

By: Karen Witemeyer 365 Pages  Completed: 4/4/13   What to say? A wistful sigh escapes me at this moment.This conundrum of a book created a heightened sense of expectancy in me, carrying through the story, only to leave me feeling confused and bereft at the end. Maybe I expected too much. I don’t know – you decide. [...]

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