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A Rare Occurrence

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Jun• 20•13

Today I came home from an exceptionally hard day at work (because I’m NOT feeling well) to a clean and tidy home. Whereas my usual routine upon darkening my doorstep would be to immediately start organizing the wreckage, today I just warmed up leftovers, sat down, and flipped on the TV to some of my [...]

Natural Apple Carrot Spread

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Jun• 14•13

I have been itching to post this yummy recipe for quite some time now but I have just been so busy! At long last I’m sharing it with you all, and it is just the beginning of several delicious recipes to come (well, actually the Arnold Palmer was the beginning. Did you see that post? [...]

Under the Stars With My Hubby

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Jun• 11•13

Last night the oh so handsome husband and I had dinner out (which mind you is not a rare occurrence in these recent days of busyness and general hair pulling out idiosyncrasies). What was different about last night is that we sat outside of the restaurant, on the patio, and ate. Crickets chirping…. Okay, I know that so far [...]


Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Jun• 05•13

It’s been a minute since you’ve heard nary a peep from me. Well sorry! There’s been a lot going on over here! So many things including my involvement in that which I’m about to discuss here. Homesteading. It’s been awhile since I’m discovered the joys of Homesteading. Do you know what Homesteading is? If not, [...]

What Do You Get When You Cross a Carrot and an Apple?

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - May• 30•13

My next recipe! And it will be unveiled for your drooling convenience soon. Stay tuned! In His Name, Natasha