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Brand Spankin’ New Book Review Coming…Hold on Tight!

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - May• 07•13

Aspirations of a Backwoods Country Existence

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 29•13

Watching a popular reality television show with my husband a couple of nights ago (show to remain nameless!), we got to thinking how absolutely perfect it would be for us California rednecks (ha ha) to live in the heart of the country. There are so many blessings to be enjoyed living in the country, but [...]

When Hope Blossoms

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 28•13

By: Kim Vogel Sawyer 352 Pages Completed: 4/15/13 Such a tender romance that blessed my heart! When I first began to read this touching gem of a novel, let’s put this out there – I was NOT impressed. In fact, I almost closed down shop after only one chapter. That’s not fair! You didn’t give [...]

Extra! Extra!

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 24•13

The time has come… Coming this week….recipes! Because isn’t that what life is really about? Food?  You know it’s true.

Peace Through Time Management

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 24•13

Let me tell you a little secret about myself. I’m your typical busy, on-the-go, and consequently frazzled, stressed out wife! I have to say that in my thirties this sad condition has just intensified. If I didn’t exert my authority most of the time and rein in some nasty emotions which get the better of [...]