Contemporary Prairie

Covered Wagon and Convertible Friendly

Short-Straw Bride

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 16•13

By: Karen Witemeyer 365 Pages  Completed: 4/4/13   What to say? A wistful sigh escapes me at this moment.This conundrum of a book created a heightened sense of expectancy in me, carrying through the story, only to leave me feeling confused and bereft at the end. Maybe I expected too much. I don’t know – you decide. [...]

On Pushing Through

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 13•13

Having time. One day recently was one of those days that I realized how precious time is and how if we’re not careful we can succumb to so many time thieves. Often times I’m exhausted, maybe after a long day of work and my mind and spirit are not at their sharpest. It’s during this [...]

The Quiet Life

Written By: Natasha Gonzalez - Apr• 05•13

Hello World! This is new, unchartered territory for me. I’m not much of a speaker, I have to admit. I’d rather keep my mouth closed and my nose in a book on any given day. I’m not really taken to having conversation with others. There’s only so much two people can talk about anyway, right? [...]